Baby Jogger City Mini Single

Baby Jogger City Mini Single

Manufacturer: Baby Jogger

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    Baby Jogger City Mini Single

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    Baby Jogger, City Mini Single Teal/Gray (BJ11429)

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Baby Jogger City Mini Single Review

Having a baby can be one of the best things can also be a difficult experience. Every parent would want to stay around and watch over their baby or babies as much as possible but sometimes this is not possible due to many other things that we must attend to.


However, with a baby stroller things can be much simpler and effective. The Baby Jogger City Mini Single is one of the most effective baby strollers. To begin with, I was particularly very impressed with the general appearance of this stroller. The stroller looks quite impressive and the design is quite good. The build quality is also impressive and at first sight you can guess that it is a long lasting baby stroller. One of the strongest points of the Baby Jogger City Mini Single is the comfort that it offers. This stroller is very comfortable and your baby will feel cosy and enjoy maximum comfort. One of the things that contribute this stroller be very comfortable are the padded seats.


The seats are well padded and offer a warm cosy feeling. Another thing that is worth noting and that really contributes to the comfort of the stroller is the reclining seat. The seat of this baby stroller can be adjusted to various different reclining positions. This is particularly good for your baby in order to avoid backaches and such like complications. The Baby Jogger City Mini Single has a sun canopy that can also be adjusted to various different positions. This canopy is for keeping your child protected from the harsh sun rays. Apart from this there are also transparent windows that serve two purposes. The first role that these transparent windows serve is that they protect your child from dust and wind from the atmosphere.


Your child will be safe under the windows and would not suffer from airborne diseases or other complications caused by winds. The transparent windows also allow you to keep an eye on your child at all times as you are jogging or doing other things. This way, you will be able to give full attention to the child which is a very good thing. The Baby Jogger City Mini Single also features safety straps that are adjustable to five different positions. These straps keep your child safe from falling over or in case of emergency brakes the child cannot fly over the front. The adjustable nature of the straps is good to keep the child well secured no matter his or her size.


When it comes to using, the Baby Jogger City Mini Single is quite efficient and comfortable. This stroller has rounded handle bars that are quite comfortable for pushing. The rounded handle bar is also rubberized in order to ensure good grip for the parent or guardian as they are pushing the stroller. This does not hurt the hand and you will still have a firm grip. Additional features for the Baby Jogger City Mini Single are the storage features. There is a storage compartment at the back of the seat as well as under the seat. These make using this stroller very efficient as you can go jogging with a number of things. You can carry your own personal stuff such as a water bottle and a towel as well as baby stuff such as diapers and toys. All these would fit comfortably and you wouldn’t have any problems with space whatsoever. This is a recommended stroller to buy.

  • Pros:
    good design comfortable easy to handle
  • Cons:
    low carrying weight
Our score:
4 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Baby Jogger City Mini Single is manufactured by Baby Jogger and was added in December 2014 in the Strollers section
  • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
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