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The concept of virtual reality is not new – what is new that you can now experience virtual reality at your home. All you need is a virtual reality headset. This headset lets you experience media with lifelike effects – making it come real. Check the models online and you will be dying to buy one.

What to look for in virtual reality headsets?

Virtual reality headset for different gadgets

A virtual reality headset can be bought for different devices – there are these headsets for PCs and there are different models for gaming consoles and smartphones. There is considerable difference in the models of these virtual reality headsets and the way they operate. A virtual reality headset for iPhone or a virtual reality headset Samsung or a virtual reality headset PS4 is meant for these devices and nothing else.

The three important considerations

In terms of performance, there are three main elements that you need to look into before buying a virtual reality headset. Consider the display resolution, the refresh rate and the tracking option in the different models and choose accordingly.

Ease of use

Some of the virtual reality headsets have complex operating mechanisms and you may not feel comfortable handling them. Thus, as you window shop for these headsets, you should consider the features and the ease of use. The online reviews should help here.

How to choose your virtual reality headset according to your need?

PC compatibility

If you are looking to buy a virtual reality headset for PC, look for one that is compatible with the PC you have. There are different models for Mac and Windows computers and you should know beforehand if you are planning to buy the right virtual reality headset.

Faster refresh rate for gaming

If you are planning to use your virtual reality headset for gaming, ensure you buy a model with faster refresh rate. The faster refresh rate will ensure that the frames move fast and you don’t face lags while gaming. As you well know, in a multiplayer environment, a moment’s delay could mean losing to your opponent and you don’t want to experience that because your VR headset doesn’t have enough refresh rate.

Lightweight virtual reality headsets

Buy a virtual reality headset that is sleek and lightweight. Ideally, you shouldn’t feel a lot of weight when you put your headset on. This will ensure you are fully concentrated.

What are the most popular virtual reality headsets?

The VR SHINECON Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses - Black is designed for gaming and 360 viewing. It can create a private theatre for you and the 3D glasses make media come alive for you. Samsung Gear VR SM-R322 is designed for Samsung S7 range of smartphones. This is a new gadget in the market with all the features required for virtual reality experience on your Samsung smartphone. VIGICA Virtual Reality Headset Goggle Glasses Augmented Reality is designed for iOS and Android smartphones. It works equally well for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge range of smartphones.


Not everyone is going gaga over the virtual reality headset, but it seems to be device for now and for the future. Shopping for virtual reality headsets takes time because these can be costly gadgets. Decide on the model that you want to buy and shop online – you will save a lot.

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